What some of our customers have to say about BLACKOUT!

"Simply stated "Blackout" puts you in "Coin Magician Paradise"! I have the 1964 Kennedy version and it is beautiful. I have had it less than a week and I can effortlessly make it appear and disappear at lightening speed and have developed 5 killer routines."    Raymond Reifinger


"This fantastic utility device and DVD will bring your coin magic to a new level."   –  Craig Filcetti


"Of the thousands (millions?!) of things I’ve purchased over the years (most of them C--P), I had to email Brian and compliment him on this concept (I have only done this three times in my life)."     Captain Jack


"Anything is possible with these coins. Let your imagination go to work and blow your spectators away. I liked the Morgan so much, I purchased another four of them tonight. I came up with two killer routines and will require 5 Morgans. This is going to be real cool. To say the least Blackout is a killer."  –  Jerry Foster


 "The coins are a thing of beauty and I am thoroughly thrilled. The routines in the dvd are well thought out and everything is packaged nicely. Fantastic work! Thank you and I look forward to ordering from you again." –  Nick Sin 


"Blackout! is a lovely solution."  –  Neil Tobin


"Blackout is a knockout!"  –  Larry Kahlow (Owner of Eagle Magic- The oldest US magic shop)


 "This is soooooooo easy and fun to use." -  Steven Skindell


"Love it! I’m already working to use it in my 3-fly routine." -  Lawrens Godon

"I love standing in the mirror fooling myself with it. The gimmicks are well made, and the teaching is great. Plus the extra tip videos that are available on the website is a very nice addition. Thank you Brian for taking the time to film the additional tips, as well as creating a great product that I will use for many years to come." – Marvin San Remo

"BlackOut! is very well thought out and made. Easy to do and works well close-up. I use this thing nearly everyday. It's total deception and one of the very best magic items to come out in a real long time."– Marion Boyle


"I can't recommend this product enough" - Tim Feher

"VERY high quality; manufactured beautifully! I'm very excited about the possibilities here."  -  Scott F. Guinn


"Black out is balls out.  I love the concept.  The effects are unlimited.  Most who know me know I almost never carry a gimmick but his I will carry."  -  Vinny Marini


"I have to say that I was very impressed with Brian's BLACKOUT. A lot of work and thought went into this."  -Vince Mendoza

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