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Sharpie Quickie

Sharpies are everywhere today. Offices, schools, bars, restaurants, store checkouts, Starbucks and most homes. At any moment, you borrow a Sharpie (or use your own) and with otherwise totally empty hands, right in front of their eyes, you break off the clip and instantly restore it. With no switches or any funny business you immediately hand it back out. You're clean and they can walk off with their own marker, which is now an impossible object! And if you use a Sharpie for your own magic, Sharpie Quickie is the perfect follow up effect. There's nothing else to carry. As long as you've got your Sharpie you're always ready to go. Comes with precision crafted gimmick and video explanation where Brian takes you through four of his favorite handlings.



The coin to sugar packet has never been so clean, practical, impromptu and impossible. Imagine walking into a restaurant and having a friend freely select any sweetner package (Equal, Splenda or Sweet n Low). You instantly cause a borrowed dime to melt into the freely chosen packet. It’s really in the pack and the spectator can really open it and pour it out themselves. Brian teaches tons of unique mind melting subtleties and handlings, including the use of date noted and signed dimes. Includes a one hour DVD and 18 handcrafted, flawless gimmicks. 

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Refill Package - NEW!

Refill Package includes 36 sweetener gimmicks (12 each of Equal, Splenda, & Sweet n Low). 


The Dance

The Dance is a simple, no frills plot: Coins jump around, from one hand to the other in the cleanest and most surprising of manners.  Each move can be performed independently for a squeaky clean, quick hit trick, or elegantly stacked. This DVD will challenge and inspire everyone from beginners to the most advanced coin workers.

Tumbling Muscle Click Pass
Picking up on the work of masters Shoot Ogawa and Akira Fuji, Brian has added a retention of vision element to the basic muscle click pass, creating a devastatingly convincing illusion. You’ll learn how to perform this with half dollars, Morgan dollars, quarters, or even borrowed rings and keys. As a bonus, you’ll learn how to pass up to three coins at once, making for an instant three coins across.

Casual ROV Muscle Click Pass
A variation of the Tumbling Muscle Click Pass that employs retention of vision with a more casual tossing motion.

Flash Transfer/Shooter Split
This technique combines principles from Arthur Buckley, Shoot Ogawa and Dan Sylvester to create an absolutely invisible coin transfer- even under intense scrutiny and with less than ideal angles. Both magicians and normal people will not see this one coming.

Tenkai Pennies (Goshman Pinch/Pointing Transfer)
Brian shares his personal touches on a classic of coin magic.

The Basic Muscle Pass
With a full understanding of how frustrating it can be to learn this basic move, Brian explains in great detail what got him over the hump and what will get you there too. If you’re serious about coin magic, learning this sleight is an absolute must. No excuses, you can do it!


Platt Magic introduces the means to create some of the most mind-blowing close-up magic you’ll ever perform.  And the best part - it’s all done with apparently everyday objects - Spree candies. Here are just some of the Spree’d routines:

LEAST FAVORITE FLAVOR - Display all five flavors of Spree’s in your hand. Ask your spectator to name their least favorite flavor- the one they’d choose to put back in the pack. Let’s say they name orange. Close your fingers over the Sprees. When you open your hand the orange spree is missing and appears on the end an open pack Sprees!

SPREE’CHEROO - A red spree sits at the open end of a pack of Sprees. A green spree sits in your palm. The two Sprees instantly change places. Both can instantly be handed out.

TRAFFIC LIGHT- Hopping Halves with everyday candies. Showa red, yellow and green Spree. One by one you place them in your pocket, as one by one they return to your hand.


Dragon Breath

Open a tin of blue wintergreen Altoids. Hand a few out to friends who need one and take one out for yourself.  Instantly your blue Altoid turns into a red cinnamon one. Eat it, then blow on the tin itself. ALL the mints in the tin now change to red cinnamon ones!

   Dragon Breath effects are structured in such a way that you start and end totally clean!

   Dragon Breath utilizes one tin and only one tin. Absolutely no switches or need to carry additional items!

   Dragon Breath is 100% examinable. Spectators are free to pass around the tin afterwards and even eat the mints!

•   Dragon Breath allows you to customize your routine. Make Altoids turn into Red Hots, Orange Tic Tacs, Tiny Chiclets, Nerds... It’s totally up to you!

Sugar Rush! 

Perform absolutely impossible looking miracles, anytime, anywhere, with ease! And all with everyday objects- a couple of chocolates. The possibilities are endless, but listed below are a handful of favorites taught on the DVD. Sugar Rush! includes two custom machined gimmicks, one 30 minute DVD and a few SR Pro Accessories as a complimentary bonus.  


HERSHEY MINI ACROSS - Cleanly and fairly display that you have nothing more than two Hershey Minis in your hands- A Krackel and, say, a Hershey’s Dark.  Ask your spectator to name one of them. Let’s say they name the Hershey’s Dark. Close your fingers around the two bars. With absolutely no moves, the Hershey’s Dark vanishes from your hand and instantly appears in your other hand. Or have it appear in nearly any ‘impossible location.’ Brian teaches many other variations on this basic usage including an open-handed ‘invisible toss.’ Carry two Hershey’s minis with you and you’re ready to fry anybody, anytime, anywhere. Even surrounded! When you’re done, celebrate the moment by handing them a chocolate and enjoying one for yourself.


CANDY THRU MUG/TABLECLOTH/TABLE - So simple. Yet so utterly impossible. With rolled up sleeves, completely empty hands and absolutely nothing more than a Krackel, a Mr. Goodbar, and an empty coffee cup you’re ready to perform miracles . The empty cup is turned over (and yes, it really is empty.) And yes, the two candies are really resting on your hand. Close your fingers around them and tap the upside down cup. Instantly the Goodbar goes through the bottom of the cup and inside of it. The spectators can even lift the cup themselves. Next, you fairly place both candies under the cup. With no moves one of the candies appears outside the cup. You can then make the candy go through napkins, tablecloths, and even the table itself!


ZIPLOCK PENETRATION - A combination of principles that makes for pure visual magic with apparently no explanation. Show a clear, ziplocked bag filled with Mr. Goodbars and clearly nothing other than Mr. Goodbars. Pick up 3 other candies and explain that you’re going to make your favorite candy, say the Krackel, magically penetrate through the baggie. Proceed to knead it right through the plastic! It doesn’t get any fairer looking than this. Remove the Krackel while showing it truly is in the bag with the Goodbars! The spectators will immediately reach for the bag. Let them, as the bag and all the candies inside are 100% examinable. You’ve got absolutely nothing to hide.


WEB UPDATES - As with nearly everything at Platt Magic, Brian will continue to provide free password protected videos containing his own additional ideas & handlings as well as ideas submitted from the public. 

These accessory packages should only be considered by people who already own Sugar Rush. Therefore, further information on these items is password protected. Owners can find the password on their instruction sheet and can view details at the very bottom of the Sugar Rush Tips & Tricks section.

The Platt Pad

PLATT PAD - An original concept from Brian and Mike Platt.
The PLATT PAD gives you the power to perform mentalism and magic that is so clean, so pure, there is absolutely nowhere for your spectators’ minds to go. If you could really make accurate predictions, it would look exactly like this. Here are just a handful of squeaky clean effects possible with the Platt Pad. 

PLATTWAVE- This is the 8 Card Brainwave you’ve always dreamed of - with a clean ending. The performer places eight cards face down in a row on the table and writes down a bold prediction for all to see. He predicts that the spectator will pick the one card that is different from all the rest. The spectator freely chooses one of the eight cards (if you’d like, he can even sign his name on the back) and it’s placed to the side in full view. The seven cards that were not selected are flipped over to reveal they have a scary green Mr. Yuk sticker on the face of them. The chosen card, as predicted, is the odd card out - it’s the only one with a yellow smiley face sticker on the face. The cards are all left on the table for immediate examination! This not only satisfies the toughest of skeptics but it also leaves the spectator with a very pretty and stunning picture as she sees, plain as day, the stark contrast between her chosen card and the seven others. Brian teaches numerous variations including an identical version of the Nick Trost original using 8 different playing cards. The difference? Here, all of the cards can be fairly (and yes, instantly) flipped over and left out for examination. Endless possibilities.  ......More (Click here)

"I cannot remember the last time I opened a new magic item and just played with it over and over again.  I think this will become a standard mentalism tool." -  David Regal

"This is one of the most beautifully created utility devices I have ever seen. It's mechanism is so diabolical it reminds me of something Q would be training James Bond to use…All I kept saying was "WOW" when I laid my eyes upon the secret."  -  Gary Kosnitzky

"The Platt Pad represents old world craftsmanship combined with modern mentalism! When I first opened the package I couldn't believe how well thought out and well built this device is. At first it looks just like a common pad, but Man, there is so much more!  Every bit of the apparatus looks and works flawlessly.  Basically, it is a switching device. But what a device!  I love it!  I love how it is made, how it works and what you can do with it. When I watched the video it was apparent how good this plays and how brilliant the moves are.  The DVD included gives you all types of tips and ideas, but I can see how many will come up with even more.  This is not something you want to pass by. This is good … REAL GOOD!"  -  Richard Osterlind



BLACKOUT! is a new utility coin that allows you to perform ridiculously clean vanishes, changes, productions and transposition miracles... right under your spectator's nose!  BLACKOUT! is machined to precise specifications by master craftsman Roy Kueppers.  It then goes through a second and third stage of meticulous handcrafting and treatment by Mike Platt.  The result of this laborious process is a unique gimmick that brilliantly overcomes the inherent problems of combining "BA" with the unforgiving conditions of close-up coin magic.  After well over a year of excruciating trial and error, Brian & Mike Platt's BLACKOUT! is here!  Perform in any black (or even partially black) shirt, pants or jacket.  Comes complete with full length DVD, and everything you need to perform ridiculously clean, impossible looking coin magic. Available in U.S. Quarter, U.S. Half-Dollar, U.S. '64 Kennedy Half-Dollar,  U.S. Walking Liberty Half-Dollar, U.S. Morgan Silver Dollar, and U.S. Peace Silver Dollar. Now available in 1 and 2 Euro coins and Canadian Quarter and Loonie.  (Other country coins may be available on special order).  See Online Store for prices.


"It is not until now that there has been such a fantastic gimmick on the market... I'm a perfectionist and I love Blackout!" --  Mickey Silver

"I think you have solved the problems (with 'BA' and coins) and opened up a whole new dimension in Coin Magic.  There is a special thrill magicians get in knowing that they can hide something in plain sight."  --  Gary Kosnitsky

"A very clever and well-made utility device." --  David Roth (Fantasma Magic)

"Platt, thank you for releasing this gem of a gimmick. What are you waiting for? Go and buy a Blackout!!!!!!"     Craig Petty

"I like the way you designed this product. Very good thinking."    Dean Dill

"An absolute 10/10... The coin is extremely well made and I found Platt to be likeable and a good teacher….Blackout rocked and I love this effect."    Jamie D. Grant (Magic Friday Reviews)

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An exploration of strikes, pitches, sleeves, and 1-calorie mints.
These original effects have been featured on Japan's Greatest Magic television special (Brian is not Japanese) and have been revered and performed by some of the top magicians working today. Brian has turned down offers to re-shoot and slickly repackage this 2 DVD set. Please, enjoy Catapult the way it was meant to be enjoyed- in all of its lo-fi glory.  $33.50

"The dime through Tic Tac Box effects look amazing. Like real magic! A brilliant combination of principles." -- David Roth

"The best DVD set to date on sleeving!" -- The Trickery


The Fanning Pitch-Instant Download
The move that fries laymen and magicians alike.  Brian has been honing this extremely bold and extremely deceptive approach to transposing a coin for over a decade.  Cancel out methods for any transposition effect.  Use with Blackout! for an absolutely devastating multi-phase coins across. Separate downloads for both PC and Mac.  $8.95

"The fanning pitch is an absolutely fantastic motion. I'm very, very impressed." -- Mickey Silver



Here are descriptions of 13 Additional Routines made possible with the Platt Pad:


X CARD  This classic plot has never been so clean, so pure, so impossible. Show up to 15 of your own business cards - front and back. Take one of the cards and mark a big ‘X’ across the back with a marker. The cards are given a little mix and set in a row on the table. The spectator freely picks any card with absolutely no force. It’s flipped over revealing it is indeed the one with the X on the back. The rest of the cards are flipped over and shown to be blank. Everything is left on the table for examination. This can be done with any prediction you’d like. For instance, you can number the cards 1-15 and correctly predict which number they’ll pick. All of the cards are flipped over, and every other number is accounted for. Do this with countries, colors, foods, names… Use business cards, ordinary playing cards, pokémon cards… whatever. Your prediction, always made in advance, is always correct! And all of the cards are always left out for examination. This type of mentalism just doesn’t get any cleaner or more direct.

 STOP!  Who loves STOP TRICKS? How about C.A.A.N? Yeah, we do too. Here’s one that looks exactly like it’s supposed to look - flawless. Hand your friend a stack of 20 or so business cards (or playing cards). Have him count the business cards one at a time onto the table until he chooses to stop. This is truly a free choice. The card he stops on is the only one that reads: YOU WILL STOP ON THIS CARD! All of the cards can be immediately examined. This will fool absolutely every normal person and every not normal person (magician) you perform this for. If you choose, this can be presented as an equally clean C.A.A.N. 

MAGIC MUSTACHE  Draw a ‘magic mustache’ on a pad of paper. Cleanly show four queens, and only four queens, front and back. Take the first queen and wave it over the ‘magic mustache.’ When you flip the queen over it now has a big mustache drawn on her. Hand a queen to your spectator to wave over the pad. It too now has a mustache. Wave the remaining two queens over the magic mustache. They grow mustaches! Here’s the best part. You’re clean. Hand out the four queens with mustaches permanently drawn onto their faces. Brian shares numerous variations of this.

 RESET  This John Hamman/Paul Harris plot has never been so straightforward and direct. Show a pile of four kings and a pile of four aces.  Place the aces in an empty card box and set to the side. Draw a small 'worm hole' on a pad of paper. Wave the kings, one at a time, over the worm hole. One by one, they turn into aces. Pour out the aces in the card box - they’re now kings. A perfect transposition.

MEMORY TEST  The two red kings are placed face down on a pad of paper. The two red aces are displayed in the hand face up. The spectator is challenged to an absurdly simple memory test: where are the two red kings? As she points to the cards on the pad, the magician shows that they’re actually the two cards that have been sitting FACE UP the entire time in his hand. The face down cards are flipped over to reveal that they, in fact, are the red aces. Everything is left on the table for immediate examination.

NWF…MFHTHFDYDT  If you own NFW, you’ll love this.  In short, you end 100% clean! Four jokers follow the 5th joker (the lead joker) and magically turn face-down one at a time. With no moves, they’re flipped over to reveal they’ve turned to aces and shown front and back. Only here, they’re immediately handed out for examination. Yeah, we agree. That last part is nice.  From MacDonald Aces to Wild Card, the Platt Pad allows you to end the majority of gimmicked packet tricks totally clean.

F.U CARD TRICK  Write out two separate predictions and give them to your spectator to hold. Next, shuffle a full deck of cards and spread them out on the table. Allow the spectator to freely push out four cards.  Place the four cards side by side in a row on the table. The spectator is then asked to freely sign her name on the back of one of the four cards (no force). The four cards are flipped over and seen to amazingly match the first prediction. The second prediction is opened and yes, it’s a correct prediction as to which one of the four cards would be signed. It’s that second part that slays even knowledgeable magicians. Be prepared to hear some expletives.

SPECTATOR FINDS HIS CARD  Have a spectator freely pick a card from a shuffled deck. Remove 9 other indifferent cards and mix the selected card in with them so neither the magician nor the spectator knows where in the pile of 10 cards the chosen card is. The cards are dealt in a row on the table, and the spectator freely touches any one of the cards which is fairly put to the side in full view. The other 9 cards are flipped over. None of them are the spectator’s chosen card. The spectator flips over the card set to the side. It’s his chosen card! All cards are left on the table for examination.

RED BLACK SEPARATION  A quick and powerful epilogue to Out of This World. Lay out 8 cards face down: 7 black, 1 red. Ask the spectator to point at the card she believes is the one red card. The rest of the cards are flipped over revealing them to all be black. The spectator turns over her chosen card, it’s the red one.

OCCUPATIONAL ODDITY  Explain that you’ve changed occupations numerous times over the years, but that you always keep a business card from each job as a memento. Place up to twelve business cards face down on the table, explaining that each business card is from a different job. Write out a prediction and hand it to the spectator to hold onto. The spectator freely selects one business card. It’s the one that you had predicted they would pick - the one that reads “Mentalist,” of course. The rest of the business cards are flipped over to humorously reveal your very strange career path. Everything can be left on the table for examination. They can even keep the cards. (custom business cards available

PLATT’S AMBITION  Have you ever wished you could do Ambitious Card in such a way that defies all explanation - even from magicians? If so, you’re going to love this. Draw a magic wand on the Platt Pad.  Next, cut off about half of the deck.  Have the spectator freely select a card and place it back into the middle of the deck. Without a single move, take the top card of the deck and wave it over the wand (that’s drawn on the pad.) Flip over the card to reveal that is the selected card. Table the cards and have the spectator place their card cleanly into the middle of the deck and square it up. With absolutely zilch moves, take the top card and wave it over the magic wand. It becomes their chosen card. Repeat this insanely clean routine however you’d like, for as long as you’d like. All of the cards can be examined to their hearts content. 

PLATT’S PRINCESS (AKA - GONE!)  Can the Princess Card Trick be cool? Convincing? Logical? Can it even fool people who know how it’s done? Yes, yes, yes and yes.  Five different court cards are displayed, and the spectator is asked to think of one of them. The magician removes one card (face down) and places it in full view. The other four cards are flipped over to reveal the thought of card is not there. It’s gone! Okay, so it must be the card that was removed, right? The card is flipped over to reveal it’s blank with nothing more than the word “Gone!” written on it. The four other cards (as well as the “Gone!” card) can be left on the table for examination. You’re totally clean. Hey “guy who knows how Princess Card Trick is done,” take that!

ENVELOPE IMPOSSIBILITY  The Corinda classic, only cleaner. Place five different business cards on the table. Openly draw 5 different ESP symbols – 1 on each card. Let your spectator study the ESP symbols as you study the eyes of your spectator. Place each business card in a separate small coin envelope, seal them and hand them to your spectator. Write out a prediction which remains in full view. Instruct your spectator to throw away four of the envelopes until he is holding just one. The remaining envelope is opened revealing, for example, the wavy lines. The spectator opens the prediction which is the wavy lines. All of the envelopes and cards can be immediately opened. Every card and ESP symbol is accounted for and can be examined. This can also be done with playing cards.

DAVID CASSIDY  This one is great for parlor performances and audience participation. Have various people call out, for example, who they believe to be the most important singer of all time. Write down each singer's name on separate business cards until you’ve collected 5 or so names. Put the cards (writing side down) in a row on the table. Invite one of the contributors, let’s say the girl who called out David Cassidy, to point at any one of the cards she feels an unexplainable connection to. The card is flipped over revealing it’s the one with David Cassidy written on it. The rest of the cards are flipped over to fairly show all of the other singers whose names were called out. This one is inspired by the works of David Regal and Bob Cassidy.

ONE EYED LOVE  With the help of your spectator, a one-eyed girl finds her one-eyed man. Magicians and even many laymen will think they’re onto you until they take a closer look and realize they were dead wrong.

We’re confident you’ll be as pleased with the clever pad and effortless handling as you’ll be with the priceless reactions you’ll receive from these stunning effects. Perform standing, seated or even surrounded. This is pure, clean, straightforward mentalism and magic at its best.  Comes complete with a compact (5” x 8”), completely innocent looking pad of paper, 2 instructional DVD's (totaling 2 ½ hours), access to additional 'Tips & Tricks' videos, a packet of cards to get you started, and replacement paper.

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